These are the answers you’ve been looking for…

Q. Do you accept custom or personalised orders?

A. Yep! Sure do.

If you have the perfect t-shirt in mind and you haven’t been able to find it then send me a message. If it’s within my design skills, equipment capabilities, and it doesn’t infringe on anyone’s copyrights (Ix-nay on the Dis-nay for example!) then it’s my goal to get you wearing that dream shirt asap!

This also applies to personalised gifts. You bring the vision, I’ll bring the vinyl, and let’s get ‘er done! Just as long as it’s not a Bl*ey t-shirt for your little Tommy, or a Spiderman shirt for your best mate’s neighbour’s uncle… I can’t afford that copyright lawsuit, k?

Q. I find unisex shirts too boxy! Can I order a different style?

A. Absolutely my darling!

99% of the time you can anyway! Most of the designs in the ‘made to order’ category can be put onto different styles of shirt.

This includes:

  • women’s shirts that are tapered or slim fit
  • v-neck, scoop neck, no neck… (ok, maybe not that last one)
  • long sleeve
  • polo shirts

Your design doesn’t even have to be on the front of the shirt. If you’d rather attract attention to your beautiful back-side, then let’s decorate the back of the shirt instead.

Any request for changes to orders MUST be made before placing an order.

Q. I love one of your ready made items but it’s not in my size. Can I order one custom?

A. Yes, yes you can!

Buuuuut, it will fall under the category of a made to order shirt so may cost you a few extra buckaroos. Why, I hear you ask?

Well, the items in the Ready Made category are generally on t-shirts that I pick up in my shopping travels in the big metropolitan ‘city’ of Grafton. So we’re talking a shirt from the sales rack at Rivers, a basics tee from Big W, a pre-loved shirt from the local op shop, etc. I’m not ordering them in especially so no shipping costs, and I’m using supplies that I have purchased already.

Basically, custom orders cost me more and therefore it’s gonna cost you more. Not much though, just a few bucks. Isn’t a few bucks worth it to get the exact t-shirt you want? Mate, it’s worth every single penny!

Q. Are your t-shirts made in Australia?

A. Sorta, but not.

While the T-shirts are printed by me in little old Grafton town in NSW, they didn’t begin their life here.

I order from Australian suppliers, who in turn source the products from mostly overseas suppliers. The t-shirts are well made from quality materials, and manufactured mostly in China.

The vinyl used to make your designs are mostly sourced from China as well. I do order from Aussie-based suppliers so at least the money stays in Oz-land for a little longer!

Q. Where on God’s green earth is my order?

A. Hopefully somewhere still on God’s green earth…

If you have been waiting patiently for your order and it’s still nowhere to be seen, the first thing to do is check your emails. If your order has been delayed from my end then I’ll let you know via email.

Note: Made to order and custom made personalised orders will take a little longer to process! Please be patient as there are a few steps involved before your order can be sent. Each made to order item has an estimated processing time of 2-3 weeks, with shipping time added on top of that.

If your order has been shipped then you should have received an email with an Australia Post tracking number. Head to the Aussie Post website and enter that number – it will tell you if your parcel is on its way and if it’s taken a detour around the country.

If you are concerned about your order’s location at all don’t hesitate to contact me.

Q. Hey! I got my shirt and it suuuuucks! What do I do?

A. Whaaaaaaat! That simply will not do…

I can’t have you walking around in a shirt you don’t like. If you’ve received a shirt and there’s an issue then definitely let me know ASAP!

I want you to be happy with your order. There are a few T&C’s for returns though:

  • Refunds/Exchanges/Credit Notes may not be available for lost/stolen parcels OR where incorrect delivery details were provided by customer.
  • Refunds/Exchanges/Credit Notes may not be available if the incorrect size was ordered. Size Charts & measurements are made available in every listing and it’s the customers responsibility to choose size accordingly.
  • Returns must be posted back to me as quickly as possible after you receive your order. Note: return postage is at your expense
  • There will no returns accepted after 14 days of you receiving your order
  • Due to the personalised nature of custom orders, specially made/personalised orders cannot be returned for exchange or refund.
  • Exchanges are available upon request. Replacement items will not be sent out until original item has been returned in original/new condition. Note: return postage is at your expense
  • Faulty/Damaged or incorrectly sent items will be refunded or exchanged.

Basically, if there’s any problems or issues, email me at hello@sunflowersbluejeans.com.au immediately after receiving your order so that we can work out the best solution.

Q. I absolutely LOVE my new t-shirt! How can I support your business and share the Sunflowers & Blue Jeans love with others?

A. Awwww, you’re too kind!

I love a happy customer, YAY!

If you love your purchase and don’t mind shouting about it, then please do me a solid and leave a review here on the website (or on Etsy if your purchased there) or on the Facebook Page @sunflowersbluejeans.

Other ways you can support Sunflowers & Blue Jeans:

  • Interact with us on Social Media. Leave a comment, share a post, tag a mate, etc.
  • Tag us wearing your new swag! We can be tagged on both FB & IG at @sunflowersbluejeans
  • Refer everyone you know who loves our kind of stuff
  • Shop again – one purchase is never really enough is it! (Hint: if you’ve left a review then check your inbox as you may just find a discount code there!)
  • Give feedback, as feedback is what makes us better!