Christmas Kombi Lollipop Holder Gift Idea

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Christmas Kombi Lollipop Holder Gift Idea

Make your own fun gifts with this printable Christmas Kombi Lollipop Holder gift idea! Grab yourself this downloadable PNG file, some paper or cardstock, a packet of lollipops, and let’s get crafting!

Christmas Kombi Lollipop Holder

As a Kombi owner I love finding little ways to show the Kombi love in everyday life. Owning a Kombi has become a part of our family life!

I was looking for something small that could be given out at the end of the school year. In the craft groups on Facebook that I’m a member of, there were some amazing ideas popping up. It seemed like everyone was making the usual things – baubles, iceblock holders, keyrings, etc. And they were making lollipop holders.

The commonly shared lollipop holders were the single colour cardstock reindeers. They look super cute! Being a single colour they are very easy to cut out as you don’t have to worry about different coloured cardstock.

But then I had an idea…

Could I take the lollipop holder idea, and Kombi-fy it?

After some time spent with Illustrator, and printing a sample on basic colour paper, I found the answer was indeed yes!

I’d already created a Christmas Kombi for a previous design (see it here). It was easy to adapt this existing design into a lollipop holder template.

Using an iconic split screen Kombi design, where the VW symbol would normally be was where I made the cutout hole for the lollipop. A few more adaptations later and I had a finished template ready to print.

As these are used for gifts, I deliberately left one half of the design blank. This space can now be used for typing or handwriting a message or greeting.

Cutting Out The Kombi Lollipop Holder

As with all printables, this one can easily be cut out by hand with scissors. However, for large quantities I can’t go past using my Silhouette Curio cutting machine to make quick work of this project.

To make the Kombi Lollipop Holders with the Curio, I opened the PNG file in the Silhouette Studio software program and printed from there. As I’d be using the Silhouette’s print and cut feature, I turned on the print registration marks prior to printing.

Once I had the image file placed correctly and within the print lines, I sent the design to my Canon Inkjet printer. I had some thick craft paper in my stash that I used, but plain cardstock could work too.

Within the Silhouette Studio software, I drew circle shapes over the three circles that needed to be cut out. This is the two large circles for the lollipop, and the small circle that the stick would poke through.

The next step was to use the tracing tool to get the outside edge of the design. The tracing tool is super helpful when needing to create cut lines from a PNG file.

Now that I had everything I needed to cut, I placed a sheet of printed paper onto the Curio cutting mat, loaded it, and sent the project to cut from the software.

This is where the print and cut feature really shines! The clever machine reads those print registration marks and cuts perfectly every time! It’s definitely my favourite thing about my Curio.

Construction of the Kombi Lollipop Holder

Once you’ve finished printing and cutting your templates, it’s time to put them together with the lollipops.

Take a lollipop and insert the stick into the small centre hole from the back side of the paper. Gently fold the paper in half lining up the edges, Santa hat, and positioning the lollipop so that it sits within the large holes.

Secure the paper around the lollipop by stapling, gluing, or taping somewhere above the lollipop. I chose to run a staple lengthways along the windscreen so it was hidden slightly. And I also put a small sticky glue dot at the top of the Santa hat, although this extra step wasn’t totally necessary!

Happy Gifting!

I forgot to add – before adding the lollipops, and while the printed templates are still flat, write out a greeting or message on the blank Kombi side. My Miss 6 wrote out her classmates’ names, but you might like to add a cheery Merry Christmas or Best Wishes here.

Have you made the lollipop holders? What shape did you do? Or what shape/design would you love to see created into a lollipop holder?

If you love the Christmas Kombi Lollipop Holder design, you can purchase and download it today from the Sunflowers & Blue Jeans Design Studio. Click HERE to find this design, and browse the store for other fun Kombi cut files and printables.

You can also find this design in the Sunflowers & Blue Jeans Design Studio store on Etsy. Click HERE to visit the store.

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Christmas Kombi Lollipop Holder PNG Printable file
Christmas Kombi Lollipop Holder PNG Printable file

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